Acting & Modeling – The Key to Financial freedom

Acting is a talent that comes naturally for many people. One Source Talent knows as an actor, you have to display the traits of the character you are acting out. The actor has to deliver a performance to perfection. Plays, theatres, dramas and stage productions are a few ways you can choose from to be an actor.

You can join and become a member of labour unions for artists and actors. These are easy to open and join unions. They cover artists and actors. They work for the benefits of their members. You can hire an agent whose job is to recommend you for any acting jobs and gets you auditions. Work on a profile with the aid of a photographer and circulate the copies with the help of your agent.
You can also act as an extra in movies or plays if you do not land a leading role in it. This will give you exposure as well as earn you a few dollars. (more…)

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Get Your Child Into Acting: 4 Tips For Success

When embarking on a new child acting career, there are, of course, some general things that one should include on their list of expectations. To name some of the most popular topics for new, or potential industry members, consider the following topics: finding agents, head shops, how to find work, and using skills sets. As a rule of thumb, remember that when initially attempt to get your child into acting, finding jobs is a tedious task that is done by the actors family or by using a company like One Source Talent. (more…)

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Preparing for a Modeling Interview for the first time

Like people prepare for their first job interview similarly one has to be prepared for going on modeling casting calls for the first time. The main thing that is considered by the casting directors at such events that the model they chose must be perfect for the opportunity they are providing to him/her. So, one has to consider certain basic points to be on the top lists of the director.

Be prepared with homework: To be prepared for your¬†interview¬†you should do some homework to get the knowledge about the client calling you for the casting, producers, production company, assignment, photographer etc. Being aware of all these facts prior to go on casting call will increase your confidence during the process. You can also be ready with the script, if you have in advance, with the help of your colleague or friends to be more confident about your presentation. In case you do not have any script then you should prepare some piece to present, if asked. (more…)

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How much can I make Modeling?

Everyone of us are curious and would like to know that How much can I make Modeling? We tend to think this thought while we see attractive models every second on television and all other media like newspapers, magazines and even on the posters displayed in shopping malls, hoarding boards and many other places that we tend to see in our daily lives. The fact is that a model earns according to the kind of experience they have in this field and the kind of projects they have worked on during their years in this field. (more…)

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Types of Modeling Websites

Our lives have undergone a positive transition by the emergence of the internet. This is so and especially when it comes to prospects like the modeling ones. Traditionally, the principle of photographers as well as photo magazines was to do some card printing that was designed to get squarely those who were purported to look beautiful with amazingly attractive features.

Nowadays, things have changed; technology has taken a new twist making relationships with models quite fulfilling ones. With a single mouse’s click, you can communicate with a brilliantly attractive model who is typically thousands miles from you.However, for those thinking it’s time to unleash the modeling talent and satisfy its need, come I assist you. (more…)

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Can You Get Jobs with One Source Talent?

Modeling is among the toughest of all career paths taken by people. The problem is alot of companies will try to scam you. One Source Talent is leading the way and is assisting models and actors get their start in the industry. In the beginning there are chances that people around you would have told you that you look great and all but none of that matters in the fashion industry. There are thousands of beautiful people all around the world just walking by and dreaming of being world class models. There are certain criteria that make you the best or the worst model ever. (more…)

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