Get Your Child Into Acting: 4 Tips For Success

When embarking on a new child acting career, there are, of course, some general things that one should include on their list of expectations. To name some of the most popular topics for new, or potential industry members, consider the following topics: finding agents, head shops, how to find work, and using skills sets. As a rule of thumb, remember that when initially attempt to get your child into acting, finding jobs is a tedious task that is done by the actors family or by using a company like One Source Talent.
Taking pictures for child actors, and models, is important, and should be updated frequently. Generally, the rule of thumb for children and pictures, is to update every two years, because of the simple fact that children change and grow so quickly. For instance, a child may have lost one, or several teeth from one head shot to the next, or they may have transitioned from childhood to puberty.

Also, be mindful that in most situations, the photographers will take at least 100 pictures of the child. Be sure to choose specific head shots that will work best for theatrical, film, for instance, the more serious shots, and then the commercial shot, which is more lighthearted, silly, or funny.

In order to keep your child’s work flow continuous, it is important to keep in mind that some work types are seasonal, so be sure to look for work that covers the range of the spectrum, from theatrical, to commercial, and even student films, which generally serve to increase a child’s skill set, consequently, the student type films are generally low paying, or don’t pay at all. Nonetheless, regardless of pay, or no pay, whether the gig provides IMDB credit is something that should always be considered, because it is the actor’s way to show off, on his resume, it provides a documented history of what projects the actor has completed, and had success with.

Taking a professionally led acting class can be great for learning how to give off natural reactions, and facial expressions. These sorts have been designed to help children win more roles. The ability to conduct oneself in a calm, natural manner, can definitely help to further any child’s acting career. One way to develop this skill set in a more adept way is by enrolling your child, or acting student into a number of acting programs that help facilitate this particular style of acting, so that the child learns how to act in a way that is not necessarily so contrived, or theatrical, and is more believable, in terms projects that are more reality oriented.

Concentrate on the unique things that make your child interesting, amazing, personable, or quirky. Perhaps your child is super athletic, or takes directions well, both things that can be considered to be part of a skill set that your child can use on an interview, perhaps to secure a partnership with an industry agent. Working with a credible agent means that you should not be paying anyone upfront, for agent fees, in the industry, agents work off commission, which is generally only 10%.

When it comes down to doing the grunt work, which consists of hunting for jobs, there are several websites, like that people can browse through, in order to start looking for projects that might fit a child’s skill set. They allow unlimited access to local jobs happenings, and submissions, in various areas. A benefit of using One Source Talent is that it can really help your child develop skills to land jobs and find agencies.

Consequently, these sites also save time, and improve chances of coming off naturally, because many of them actually provide scripts to the auditions on their website, so that actors can simply download and print, cutting out any extra, or last minute work. Following any, or all of the above tips may serve as a way to get your child into acting with a little more fines.

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