How much can I make Modeling?

Everyone of us are curious and would like to know that How much can I make Modeling? We tend to think this thought while we see attractive models every second on television and all other media like newspapers, magazines and even on the posters displayed in shopping malls, hoarding boards and many other places that we tend to see in our daily lives. The fact is that a model earns according to the kind of experience they have in this field and the kind of projects they have worked on during their years in this field.
No doubt that a good experienced model who has worked for bigger and well known projects tend to earn good pay checks when compared to other models. They are also payed per hour systems. There are also few agencies that pay per project or contract they agree with. Such agencies take the signs of the models with their consent and the models are supposed to be sticking on to the agreements they have signed else they can get sewed by the agencies. Models are also available as freelancers who do not come through any agencies and they will specify the rates and ranges and the clients interested should pay them accordingly.

The answer can be provided by saying it totally depends on the type of model and the kind of modeling you are called for. There are few types under the modeling category like print modeling, industrial modeling and non-union and union broadcast modeling and the fashion modeling in live shows. There are different pay for each category of modeling. The type print modeling is mainly done for advertisements that includes the trade publications or commercial , non-fashion or fashion, swimsuit, lingerie, billboard, nude, catalog, newspapers, slide shows and many other projects that require images and photos of the model with the proposed product or services.

If it is a child who is doing the modeling then they could earn anything from $30 to $80 per hour or $200 to $1100 per day. Again the How much can I make Modeling? Totally depends on the work history and experience of the model. The fashion shows which include live shows are where the model will be performing on live platforms like runway show, showroom or trade shows, trade fairs, floor shows, retail shows, informal shows and many more. The industrial modeling and non-union and union broadcast modeling cab be explained the shows that appear in the television for advertisement purposes, training films in industries, films, theatricals and stage shows and the television voice-overs and the radios.

A popular research says that a model can earn around $ 566.000.00 in two years. And this figure can only be expected by experienced model with good work history. It could also vary according to the agencies and the country you are working in. Generally it is said that a good model can always earn something in between $60 to $150 per hour and $300 per day. Junior models can expect anything from $ 30 to $80 per hour, or from $ 155 to $ 1600 per day.

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