One Source Talent Reviews

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I have been doing this for some months I signed up to be a model and I am so excited to see what my first move is so when I went up there I was so nervous but I made it so thank god for them letting me participate this is something I never did before in my life but I am glad to have the opportunity to be in this.

I just started with One Source Talent and I already love it here! Every time I walk into the building, I feel like I have known them forever. The way they treat everyone and the way they talk about them is so sweet. I feel very honored to be with One Source Talent

I was a talent for less than one week with One Source Talent and I got sent out for a casting. So I really don’t know where people are getting the idea for saying they never get any jobs by being signed with them. On the day of the interview they told me that they might have a few castings available for me. At first I didn’t believe them but than less than a week later I got a call from an employee who was very nice to me telling me that they want me to go to a casting. And guess what? I got the role. Yea it might not be a lead role but it’s a start and I probably couldn’t have done it without One Source Talent. So thank you guys and keep up the good work.

I agree with a lot of these reviews on here. The employees at One Source Talent are far from rude like some people are saying on here. Let me start off by saying that some of the people saying that they were rude have never worked or been to other agencies because they have no idea how this industry works. Have you ever been to Ford or Elite or any major agency and seen the way they treat their models or anyone that walks into their office? I have, and if you think that you have been treated bad by One Source Talent you are in for an awakening and maybe it is a good thing you didn’t sign up because you wouldn’t be able to handle some of the stuff that some of the casting directors will tell you. I have also been to One Source Talent and they are not rude at all, yes they might come off a bit rude or short to the point but you have to understand that they have to deal with people on a daily basis. So in a nut shell One Source Talent is not as bad as everyone makes it seem like.

I just got back from my first interview with One Source Talent and some of the bad reviews do not do the company any justice. They were nothing but professional toward me. They answered every question that I had for them very honestly, at no point did I feel like I was being lied to or as some of you people say on here “scammed”.

This is not a scam. I got a acting and modeling job from them. I have been a talent with them for 2 months now. And everyone that says that they make you buy photos is lying because I use digital photos that they took with a camera in their office.

I am hearing Impaired and one day I gained the courage to do modeling so I signed up for One Source Talent and met great director and specialists. They have been helping me so much when they wanted to communicate with me as well. They always write it down for me which is very polite of them. I have a pleasant experience with One Source Talent so far. It is always fun. I have learned a lot about the confidence and the most important thing and that is to stay positive in anything I do